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Harbor Springs' Secret

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Dec 6, 2011 was the latest violent caged kill of Captive Deer in Harbor Springs. It was a profoundly, painfully sad -part of humanity to watch and few people observed it. And as this small Northern Michigan Community's Ethical Unease of this recent discovery unfolds beyond it's geographic boundaries-worldwide, we ask the City of Harbor Springs-  to 'Stop the Cycle of Killing the Captive Deer and close the deer park'. Since Harbor Springs, Michigan Deer park opened over seventy years ago, it still exists even though most community Captive Deer Pens/Parks have since disappeared across the country. Some reasons for the closures are entrenched in the enlightenment that wild animals ought not be caged & put on display for entertainment, others revolve around the reality & by-product that mammals, when put together, reproduce/multiply-out populating the space allocated for them to exist safely/in good health. A concern, is the spread of disease, bovine tuberculosis, CWD, etc. and how that burdens the process/future of caring for captive populations of deer.The care & responsibility of the Michigan Community of Harbor Springs- Deer Park has become yet another duty of the Police Department. This includes feeding, safety & the management of outside contracting for health services & monitoring and,  for controlling of the herd's numbers. Of recent is the city's  disclosure to the community of the past methodology used- since the 1940's- to keep the population numbers in check; killing a portion of the herd by gunshot, secretly.

Let us be Clear, this is not a hunting issue, do not confuse this with a right to hunt. And while some feel protective, wanting to expose children/grandchildren to the 'captive deer experience' few have been part of the heinous killing event(s) that have been part of this park's History- allowing this fairytale to continue. By joining together with others, not only will we keep wild animals independent/where they belong,  but we gain valuable green space to satisfy the community of Harbor Springs' needs- unaddressed in the past. Join us in ending the heinous cycle. Thank you for your consideration, your voice and for keeping the mission going, by spreading the word!

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