Cancel Kaitlin Bennett’s show

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Kaitlin Bennett has been known for going to public events, records people without consent, and implies her biased beliefs onto people who are not of her same political party. Kaitlin Bennett is know for harassing any one for an interview in the public who is not a conservative. Kaitlin Bennett has multiple videos of her harassing rape victims, body positive enthusiasts, liberals, even minors by shoving a microphone in their face with her biased questions about her political views. 

We as a community need to put a stop to this behavior by officially canceling her youtube show and personal website which creates online drama for her own personal gain. Yes, she does make money off of non consensual video taping of adults, and non consensual video taping of minors. This is certified harassment and needs to be ended immediately. 


All video footage can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, even TikTok.