Dreamcatcher, Change Your Name!

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Dreamcatcher are a K-pop group that is stealing Ojibwe culture as a visual concept for their album covers, merchandise, music videos and set design. 

A dreamcatcher is an Ojibwe charm. It's a handmade hoop with a web woven onto it. Sometimes beads and feathers are attached to it. It's hung above an infant's cradle for protection. It's not an item to be used as decoration, but Dreamcatcher now uses it as a prop and they put it on every single album.

Many Indigenous/Ojibwe people reject cultural appropriation and see it as a disrespectful slap in the face. Dreamcatcher profits from using Ojibwe culture every single day

Happy Face Entertainment has ignored the countless emails, reviews, etc that have been sent to their company by Indigenous people and their allies. 

An informative carrd (dreamcatcherchangeyourname.carrd.co) was made on the subject only to be taken down upon announcement of their comeback - I've since gotten it back online and we will not be silenced. 

Please sign this petition - whether you're Indigenous or not shouldn't matter. These K-pop companies cannot keep using entire races of people as a concept. We are real people!

Call upon Happy Face Entertainment to correct their actions and change Dreamcatcher's name. Show them just how many people care!

Share this petition with the hashtag #DreamcatcherChangeYourName. Share it underneath their Twitter (@hf_dreamcatcher) posts! 

Native people deserve to be heard. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!