Quality & Accountability: Accrediting Bodies, Int'l School Recruiters, + Staff Well-being

Quality & Accountability: Accrediting Bodies, Int'l School Recruiters, + Staff Well-being

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The Office of Overseas Schools, LATAM Dr. Robin D. Heslip and

Why this petition matters

Started by Emily Dobson

This petition aims:

-To increase transparency, trust and a flow of pertinent information between accreditation agencies, school boards, heads of school,  staff, students and other stakeholders

-To bring staff (teaching and non) to the forefront within the domains/standards

-To ensure all accrediting bodies and recruitment agencies are internationally-minded and ethically cognizant of labor practices and laws globally

-To include international teachers and non-teaching staff in decision making within the school community, especially in areas that directly affect the staff

-To have diverse and knowledgeable teams consisting of all stakeholders to constantly review and improve  standards, quality factors and other such benchmarks

-To analyze and enforce the language used across all documentation and make considerations to re-align as necessary

-To support the framework, such as ISR's International Educators’ Bill of Rights, or a similar system of checks and balances that extends from hiring practices through accreditation

Step One: Appeal to the overseers of international schools at the Department of Education and to encourage accrediting bodies and recruitment specialists such as AdvancED, WASC ,CIS, ISS and Search Associates to engage in conversations and improvements.  

Step Two:  Continue to form volunteer focus groups made up of international staff and relevant players to gather resourceful information and analyze current recruitment and accreditation protocols and procedures in order to offer sound advice for improvements.

You may strongly consider signing the petition as if you are: 

*A supporter of quality educational opportunities in global regions
*If you are an employee (teaching and non-teaching) teaching abroad
* An international university recruiter 
*A parent , family member or friend with ties to an international educator /school      *An individual with whom the following quotes resonate:

"When my teachers are happy at work they like to teach. I mean they like it anyway because that's what they do. But they really love it; I mean like A LOT when they feel happy. Then, when they are so happy like that, my brain gets full of super amazin' ideas. All teachers need to be happy because then the kids can be happy too." (Student, Age 7)

'Do not assume what your contract states is what you will get...everything is subject to change and can get taken away. We can do better with the right support.'   

'Accreditation measures miss the mark and focus on the school and students.  What about everything in the middle?  Like the staff? Ask us the right questions, we will give you the best answers for improvement.' 

'Leadership is often overwhelmed by issues with personnel contracts and general unrest.  A more streamlined, evolved and smart process to help schools self-evaluate would put the spotlight back on the students and teaching.' 

'I had to write my own job description after accepting a position...and my evaluations were based on a generic description that had zero to do with my role at the school. Make me a person, make my goals clear and my evaluation match my job and I will blow my students' minds . '

'Staff retention in the school is a measure of how unhappy teachers are having essentially been employed under false presences; offered all manner of possibilities and opportunities, none of which come to light. Teacher retention is the new 'cool'. '   

Educators, it is time to increase what educators expect and deserve from hiring fairs/agencies, school administrators, international school boards, accrediting agencies. Sign the petition, read the International Educator Bill of Rights, share your stories and knowledge, and become a part of the solution.

1,643 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!