Pony Pepper stabbed to death in horrific attack in West Lothian

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This is heartbreaking, sign the petition to our local government to get this boy whoever he is 15 years or not make him realise the wrong of what he done and make an example of him this.. This will only lead to more animals being abused and then on to what we do not want, children,..!!! ..what right does this boy have to take this gorgeous pony's last breath away.. What right does this boy have to keep breathing fresh air,  unpunished, we need to stand and stand united, this baby died and this boy should pay, and his parents  need not cover up for him...he should stand for all to see, named and shamed. Jail in young offenders is the punishment he should receive. And not a couple of weeks. Months...... The owners have to live without poor pepper now for a life time... Animal Cruelty, people need to realise its just not just an animal they are our lives, our furbabies.