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Stop Discriminating Against Families

This museum expects same-sex couples, grandparents, and other types of non-traditional families to pay more for family memberships. According to the business, they do not recognize same sex couples, even if married, and their children as families.

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Museum Director
Stop Discriminating Against Families

Your museum expected a family, who have been members at your museum for three years, to pay more for a family membership when it was noticed both parents listed on the membership form were women. When contacted by phone, a representative explained your displayed sign is clear and that families consist of a mom and a dad. It was confirmed your business does not recognize same sex families.

There are many kinds of families in the United States. Some families do have a mom and a dad. Some have just a mom or a dad. Some families have a mom or dad and a grandparent. Some families have two moms or two dads. All families are entitled to be recognized as such and deserve to be treated equally by the businesses they patronize.

My family will not be patronizing your business until you change your discriminatory policies toward families who just-so-happen not to have a mom and a dad. I will also be letting my friends and family know about your discriminatory business practices.

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