Protect the Ogeechee River and Hancock Co. from a gravel quarry

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A company called Mayfield Natural Resources, LLC, has applied for a special use permit to open a new gravel quarry in Hancock Co. Ogeechee Riverkeeper and the citizens in the area have a number of concerns regarding this proposed quarry.

  • This proposed quarry would pose an everlasting threat to the health of our basin, based on its proximity to Fulsome Creek and the Ogeechee River. Additionally, citizens in the area are reliant on groundwater for drinking.
  • Within a few miles of the proposed site are multiple small businesses in the agricultural and tourism industries that would be negatively impacted by quarry blasting and heavy equipment.
  • Mayfield Properties, a community of 50 low-income families and home to ~150 individuals, is located directly across from the proposed location.
  • The additional infrastructure expenses incurred by the county will add additional expenses and reduce property tax revenue due to depressed property values.
  • These types of quarries have a history of struggling to manage silica dust and sedimentation.
  • There is a lack of information on company’s experience and qualifications in operating gravel quarries.

By signing this petition, you will encourage local and regional leaders to further investigate the proposal, and to deny the application if the quarry is indeed shown to be detrimental to the area.