Petitioning Animal Shelter Hanane Ahpae Death Camp In Casblanca, Morocco

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To the powers that be, it is a disgrace to see all the pics of starving dogs, discusting enviroment and the cover up this shelter has been doing ever since it was "outed" so to speak. Please sign for all the animals jailed there and lets get this Death Camp Shut Down! Thank you for your continuous support and love of all living things on this planet. This petition has been created to shut down this shelter due to extreme cruelty to all of the animals there. Sending to the proper authorities in Morocco'.  they kidnapped a friends dogs, tried to keep them, starved one to death, the other is finally out. the above picture is ellie, the survivor and on his way to his forever loving home, but the ones left behind must be vetted, loved, fed dog food, not chicken feet and wet discusting bread while they rake in the donations for themselves and leave the animals to starve to death and die of neglect. let band together to all my animal advocates and do our very best to correct this travasty.

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  • Animal Shelter
    Hanane Ahpae Death Camp In Casblanca, Morocco

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