Save our motorcyclists - change to the Marchwood junctions of the A326 to save lives

Save our motorcyclists - change to the Marchwood junctions of the A326 to save lives

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Started by Kyle Hall

After the unfortunate deaths of two more motorcyclists at the Twiggs Lane junction of the A326, the Waterside Community is left feeling distraught at the loss of life on this horrendous stretch of road that has claimed too many lives already.

Whilst the circumstances that led to this horrible accident are still unclear, the outcome is still the same, and two more lives have been lost, taking the number of motorcyclists to die at this junction to 6 in the last decade. At least 4 others have also passed away due to accidents on other stretches of this road, as well as many more serious road traffic accidents at these junctions, leading the A326 to be named as one of the deadliest roads in Britain, and certainly one of the worst in Hampshire.

The twin junctions of Twiggs Lane and Staplewood Lane, and the 1km stretch of road between them need to be made safe immediately, and this petition is to get our local council to make immediate changes to these junctions.

The two junctions need to be made "left turn only" junctions, meaning vehicles are only able to turn left in to these roads, and turn left out of them. This will mean that vehicles are unable to cross both lanes of traffic, to get from one side of Twiggs lane or Staplewood Lane to the other, and will also stop vehicles from stopping on a busy road to cross oncoming traffic. The area also needs solid white lines to stop overtaking.

These changes need to happen before we lose any another life at these poorly laid out junctions, and we need the council to take ownership of improving the safety of this stretch of road. 

If we can stop another person losing their life at these junctions, then the lives we have lost already will not have been lost in vain.

4,017 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!