Maintain Transport Funding for Special Needs Students in Hampshire

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Hampshire County Council have declined 95% of Post 16 Transport Assistance Applications for Special Needs Students attending St Vincent School of Personalised Learning Unit in Gosport. Sadly this is not an isolated issue, we are aware there are many more families across Hampshire who have had their application for Post 16 Travel Assistance for September 2019/20 declined even though they have already been receiving Travel Assistance.

Local authorities have a duty under the Education and Skills Act 2008 to encourage, enable and assist the participation of young people with special educational needs and disabilities up to the age of 25 in education and training.

Section 509AB(1) of the Education Act 1996 requires local authorities to set out the arrangements to facilitate the attendance of young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Please sign this petition to highlight & support the need for greater funding across Hampshire to enable this cohort of young people to access their basic human right to an education in accordance with the above Acts.