Support a new building for the Humane Educational Society

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Since 1910, the Humane Educational Society has saved the lives of homeless, neglected, abused and discarded animals throughout Hamilton County.

It’s no surprise that in the last 118 years, the county has seen explosive growth and extraordinary changes that could not be summarized in a single letter.

However, one Hamilton County organization making incredible strides in animal welfare is being held back by a painfully evident lack of progress. Since 1910, the Humane Educational Society has operated out of the same building at 212 N. Highland Park Avenue.

Despite the shelter’s decrepit and dilapidated exterior, Humane Educational Society has persevered and steadily increased the number of animals served and saved each year. Unlike most shelters around the nation, the Humane Educational Society invests in animals suffering from treatable illnesses and injuries. As an open-door facility, the Humane Educational Society rehabilitates and releases 89% of animals who enter the facility. The national average is 64%.

But with every passing year, the need for a new facility becomes more vital to the shelter’s lifesaving mission. The original building does not have proper air flow, exposing animals to potentially deadly diseases. A leaking roof and decrepit exterior pose health threats for county employees and taxpayers who enter the building. Finally, it does not offer safe and comfortable housing that is crucial to the shelter’s ability to save lives.

In short, the shelter can no longer continue making a positive impact at 212 N. Highland Park Avenue.  

Please call, write or e-mail your county commissioner and voice your support for a new Humane Educational Society facility. You may contact your commissioner here:

We also request that supporters attend two public Hamilton County Commission meetings on Wednesday, November 14th and Wednesday, November 21st at 9:30 A.M. The meetings will be held at the County Courthouse at 625 Georgia Avenue on the 4th floor.  Commissioners will vote on the measure on the 21st. Please wear your red volunteer shirts or a red shirt to show your support!

These deserving animals cannot speak for themselves; they need YOU to be their voice. Join us and make a lifesaving difference!