Change the name of Hamilton City Council to "Familton City Council"

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On March 12th, the mayor of the Great City of Hamilton/Kirikiriroa, Andrew King, proposed the idea of changing the council's name from "Hamilton City Council" to "Kirikiriroa City Council" in order to raise awareness of the city's cultural heritage and identity. (Not a name change for the city, only the council.)

However, after facing strong public opposition, including a petition titling "Petition: Don’t change the name of Hamilton City Council" from the Taxpayers' Union which garnered over 1500 signatures in 36 hours, the mayor withdrew the idea of a name change only three days later at a council meeting.

Well, I say that King's dream does not have to die, as long as we reach for a middle ground.

Familton City Council. 

Why? Why not. For decades, Hamiltonians have blatantly ignored this wonderful pun opportunity ("opPUNtunity") for a city nickname and instead allowed bland, unimaginative options to be publicly listed on our widely-visited Wikipedia page, such as:

  • H-Town
  • The Tron (who knows what that even means)
  • Hamiltron
  • City of the Future (lol)
  • Cowtown (Morrinsville has surely taken that title)
  • Fountain City (we have like, 12 fountains?)

With the name of Familton, everyone will immediately associate our city with a sense of belonging and warmth, and that's exactly what we should strive for collectively.

A city that is more of a family than a city.

A city where anyone of any ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation etc. can feel welcomed.

A city of inclusion and neighbourly love.

A city built on rock and roll. 

For the ratepayers, this alternative represents a much less exorbitant impact on your wallets. With "Kirikiriroa", 8 letters of "Hamilton City Council" will have to be changed on numerous signs & plaques throughout the city, costing you many, many dollars and cents (or 7 letters if the "i" of Hamilton is preserved and rebuilt around). But with "Familton", even a toddler can recognise that only letter requires replacement (hint: it's not the "m"), saving you many, many dollars and cents.

"Well, sounds good so far. But what are the cons?", you ask?

There are none. Absolutely none. So go ahead, sign and share this petition for the good of our Great City of Familton.

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