Do NOT let Wally the hound be returned to a NEGLECTFUL owner

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Wally a hound dog that was purchased from a puppy mill got loose and was on the run for 6 days and 7 nights before finally being caught. He was then taken back by his "owner" and in less than 24 hrs was loose again.

His owner has shown his neglect for this boy in that didn't once report him missing, declined the vet care "Wally" should have received yet AC will still give back this wonderful boy to live his life tied out on a chain for the rest of his life.

He has a place here we are keeping open at our rescue retreat where he will be warm well fed and a well loved dog. He will get all the vetting he needs, time to decompress and be the KIND boy we know him to be.

PLEASE help get Wally the walker hound to our care.

Kelly Beatty

Ruff Start New Beginnings rescue