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Halt the Use of Park Visitors' Fees for Killing Animals

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Visitors to Haleakala National Park are outraged that our entrance fees are funding an egregiously cruel program that involves killing "invasive" deer, dogs, pigs, cats, and goats.

We, the citizens of the United States of America and visitors from abroad, demand that Haleakala National Park immediately halt the use of visitor fees to fund the killing of animals. 

If it is necessary to relocate animals from the park, we demand that the Haleakala National Park use the visitor fees only to fund the humane relocation of invasive animals with the use of tranquilizer darts and all-terrain vehicles, after a designated section of land is established where animals would be safely relocated and protected from poachers.

We oppose the violence and mean-spiritedness of shooting bullets into animals, and the suffering that results when injured animals escape and die slow, agonizing deaths. Further, it is unacceptably cruel to cause orphaned animals to die from dehydration and starvation following the deaths of their mothers.

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