Halt the eviction of residents of the President Apartments

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Update: The City of Palo Alto has met with and told the developer that they definitely cannot violate the Municipal Code 18.18.120(b) and turn our homes into a hotel. 

However we have just received a certified letter that our leases will continue to be terminated and that City decisions have "absolutely no bearing or impact on" our tenancy.

​Please join us in requesting continued help from the City of Palo Alto in finding a solution for the President Apartments and its residents. Thank you!

  • Come to the Palo Alto City Council meeting Monday, August 27 at 6pm at City Hall
  • Write to Palo Alto City Council at city.council@cityofpaloalto.org
  • Sign this petition and please invite others to as well

City of Palo Alto

Please urge AJ Capital (out-of-state developer) to halt the eviction of the residents, and not to otherwise raise our rents in retribution!


Our historic apartment building provides homes for Palo Altans who serve this community.  We are Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) students, teachers both in PAUSD, other local schools and in our homes, medical researchers, service industry employees, local business owners, veterans, entrepreneurs, and so on. Many residents have lived here for decades.  In the middle of a housing crisis in Palo Alto and the entire Bay area, evicting this many residents to turn workforce housing into yet another luxury hotel is not what our community needs --especially with 8 luxury hotels already in downtown! We really appreciate how our Palo Alto City Council has backed us up and supported the community of Palo Alto by enforcing the regulations that developers cannot turn this oversized building into yet another hotel.

AJ Capital is a real estate developer out of Chicago, who purchased our building. 

  • ‘AJ is differentiated by our approach to real estate investment, which targets “white space” environments and exploits the market’s under-served demand for unique and authentic experiences.”

We would like to humbly put forth that we are not “white space.” We would love to keep our homes. What is more meaningful than one’s home? How are they connecting with us tenants by evicting us?

Buying an old church in Nashville or a hotel that was never people's homes in Chicago is one thing. But, please ask yourself, do we want out-of-area developers coming into our community and evicting long-time Palo Altans from their homes? Does that reflect the values of our town?

If the space was needed for a hotel or a school, it could be understandable. But, we have 8 luxury hotels just within walking distance of our home. Not to mention dozens within a few miles. Our community needs more semi-affordable housing, not less.