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Extend the MNL48 Audition's Age Limit to 23 years old

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MNL48, AKB48's Filipino sister group, launched its' auditioning process last December 2016, looking for 15 to 20 year old girls who are willing to spread the idol culture in the Philippines. The age range is much more smaller compared to that of regular Japanese idol auditions, or that of the foreign sister groups such as JKT48, BNK48 and TPE48.

BNK48 originally looked only for 13 to 18 year old girls, however many had opposed to this idea and led them to extend it to 12 to 22 years old. This extension allowed many of their current popular members to audition; their current captain Cherprang Areekul (who was 20 years old at the time), Jetsupa Kruetang (Jan) and Natruja Chutiwansopon, also known as Kaew (both were 22 years old at the time). 

If MNL48 extends their age limit, it would be most likely an advantage for them. These girls would focus more on MNL48 since they had already finished their education, thus having more time to polish not only themselves but fellow members. They are also much more mature and are more open to ideas that the agency might suggest. Most of these girls are also long time fans of the 48 franchise, thus having a lot of information about the industry and can educate their younger peers and spread the idol culture accurately and wholeheartedly. On the business side, these girls will sell more during handshake events since they are mostly present compared to the younger ones.

They (MNL48) would not only be helping themselves, but also help these girls who have always been waiting and dreaming to be part of an idol group like this. 

We plead to MNL48 and its respective agencies to extend the age limit. Please help us. Please do not destroy their dreams.

[Video presents Mikachu (wearing pink) performing with the 48G dancers at the Starmall Live Auditions. She is one of the said overage applicants, however she is performing with all her heart, because this is one of the closest chances she can get to performing as an idol, if MNL48 doesn't extend its age limit.]

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