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Hallmark remove your offensive card mocking people on a gluten free diet

Hallmark please remove your offensive Shoebox greeting card mocking people who require a gluten free diet. This diet is the only medical treatment for over 3 million Americans who suffer from celiac disease, a chronic autoimmune disease. The gluten free diet is not a fad, or personal preference, but the only way to avoid developing cancer and other severe medical symptoms. Celiac disease has been defined as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and it is nothing short of unconscionable that Hallmark would exploit a serious medical condition for laughs.

As a person who has had to scrutinize every food ingredient for over fifteen years, seeing your offensive card only added to the burden of this disease. Surely Hallmark as a company does not condone bullying individuals who require medically necessary diets. It is impossible to imagine Hallmark producing a card mocking diabetes, another autoimmune disease which requires dietary modifications. Please remove this offensive card from the shelves.

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