Boycott Hallmark Channel, "Home & Family" Show Sponsors for Recent Actions

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Boycott Hallmark Channel, "Home & Family" Show Sponsors for Recent Actions

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Michael Boswell started this petition to Hallmark Channel USA and

We, the formerly loyal viewers & faithful fans of the Hallmark Channel USA & Home & Family show, have organized this petition to respectfully request advertisers of Hallmark Channel USA & the Home & Family Show (Woody Fraser Productions), to rethink the strategic placement of your sponsorship.

Hallmark Channel USA and the Home & Family Show, clearly no longer reflect the “Family Values" that viewers have come to expect. We have been sorely misled. We have organized our voices so they will be heard, in spite of being “blocked” and “banned” on social media pages amidst being accused as “haters” or "trolls" by show producers, cast, & crew members, simply for the carefully written letters of correspondence articulating our displeasure to the Hallmark executives for their rash of horrible decisions, ruining our favorite show. The circumstance has elevated far beyond the intolerable circumstance of "ageism" discrimination towards cast members, transforming into shameful disrespect & condemnation of loyal fans.

Hallmark Channel's inability to deal with the public in a respectful manner has now turned into a campaign focused on sponsors and advertisers, who should be made aware of the palpable outrage on social media that is moving towards product boycotts. This uproar is a result of the disastrous decisions made by the network & producers, with unanswered dismissals of beloved cast members, who were sold to loyal viewers as “Family Members”. This turn of events on the Home & Family Show has led to a series of betrayals, not only toward cast members, but also to viewers who had placed our trust in them. We bought into the premise of “Home & Family” as it was presented to us, and it became unacceptable when “Family Members” began disappearing from the show, (one after another like falling dominoes) with no explanation to the fans, no matter how many times asked.

It was a shock to eventually discover that beloved cast members we had come to love, trust, and respect in their specific fields of expertise, were being silently removed for no good reason. Rumors circulated as to why this occurred, however none of it will change what has happened. We, the viewers, were lied to for weeks, then our heartfelt letters were deemed as being "fake". Fans were further disrespected, being accused of being "haters" or "trolls" while simply trying to save the show we had come to love. Below are just a few of the “cast offs” they used to call “Family Members”, whom fans will ALWAYS consider our beloveds!

Laura Nativo CPDT-KA, is a brilliant & insightful animal behavior expert with the uncanny ability to teach viewers positive reinforcement training concepts directly through the tv screen, as if she is right there with us, holding our hand. Whether she was teaching us how to cook up a healthy dog treat, or learning how to make a money saving cat tree, or making a shade play area for dogs, or sharing the latest pet product innovations, Laura proved a versatile, effervescent, well-rounded expert whose segments inspired us all to be the best pet parents we could be, and maybe even consider adopting a new four-legged family member from a shelter. Mix that with her hidden talents of dancing, and singing, and whooping it up in costumes to make viewers feel festive for a particular event, Laura became a beloved part of our “Heart Family” not just part of the cast. Laura created a soft spot in viewers hearts in more ways than just dog training. She shared her difficult story of losing her mother to breast cancer, and then having two cancer scares of her own. It is hard to believe that the executive producer, Woody Fraser, (whose wife, Noreen, has stage 4 breast cancer) would be so callous towards a young single woman with no family to rely on, going through such devastating cancer scares, yet subsequently, while Laura battled a serious shoulder injury, (continuing to exude impeccable work ethic, dealing with agonizing pain from reconstructive surgery, continuing to appear on the show, yet smiling, educating, and inspiring viewers with her charming way, as if she were in perfect shape), she suddenly disappeared from the show. Viewers thought Laura had taken further ill, and with deep concern for her well being, many wrote to the show for answers, without the common courtesy of one single reply from the producers. Hundreds of queries were completely ignored! If this an example of how Woody Fraser thinks he “respects talent” and treats them fairly, (as boasted on video at the end of episode 4204 on the Hallmark app - which has since been edited from the general website video), then he needs a lesson in what “respect” actually means.

Laura Nativo continues to be a shining example of what “Pet Parents” aspire to, and is a proud voice for shelter animals and rescue pets who need a strong voice on their behalf. It is outrageous to see a network in partnership with both the American Humane & Best Friends Animal Society, not value having the most respected young voice in the animal world as their spokesperson. What is far worse, is the H&F Show went on to promote controversial dog trainers, Cesar Milan & Joel Silverman, who demonstrated adverse & inhumane tactics on the show. Viewers watched Cesar Milan’s dog walk off set, obviously “shut down” and "out of control". We watched Joel Silverman "hang" a 3-legged dog by its neck in an attempt to teach the dog not to jump! We also watched him jerk the neck of a fragile developing puppy and senior rescue dog, whom he mislabeled as “aggressive” when they were freshly adopted. For a network who claims to love animals and consider them part of the “family”, it is appalling misinformation that can have devastating consequences for owners and their beloved pets.

Laura Nativo's prime exposure & wide respect continues, asked to be a featured presenter and speaker at the upcoming Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) Educational Conference in October. With over 6,000 members, the APDT is the largest professional dog training organization and its conference brings in more attendees than any other dog training conference in the world. Laura is a true champion for rescue dogs & their families and a network that professes to be partnered with American Humane & Best Friends Animal Society, was lucky to have such an incredible asset. It is absurd to have removed her from the show. Laura was brave enough to join other animal experts & veterinary behaviorists in speaking out against Cesar Milan in the recent animal cruelty investigation, giving a positive alternative to the barbaric training methods employed by Milan. Although never publicly addressed, it is logical to assume this to be a significant reason that the producers might be shunning her, to bury the “Shameful Skeleton” as deep in their closet as possible. Loyal viewers & pet enthusiasts to this day, have not received an explanation for Laura Nativo's unwarranted removal.

Tanya Memme, “Momtrepreneur” & Lifestyle Crafting Expert is beloved by loyal viewers of the Home & Family show, as well as her other Hollywood appearances on DIY shows, where she sets the screen aglow. Tanya, along with her precious daughter Ava brought a sense of “real” family to the Home & Family show, that was uniquely theirs. A tangible example of mother/daughter love, and always an inspiration to watch, even for those without, or whose children are grown. It was such a pleasure to watch their impromptu home videos, doing crafts or exploring "Rainbow GOO", or making fun things to explore together. It is easy to be inspired creatively with Tanya, and is as much as a result of the way she presents herself as it is the things she creates. Hers is a gift of facilitating artful experiences...with children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews, encouraging everyone to open a world of vibrant imagination for themselves and their children, showing viewers they don’t have to be afraid to get their hands dirty or be perfect. Her essence of spontaneity and free-spirited wonderment is truly a gift that the fans were blessed by. Additionally, Tanya became “family" in a wholly special way for loyal viewers, who followed and shared in the extraordinary emotional experience of her quest for American Citizenship. We celebrated with her, waving our flags at home, crying real tears of joy, watching her official induction ceremony. It was an amazing experience, as if she were our own sister, or daughter, or friend. Then, before the ink was dry on her citizenship certificate, without any warning, she too, suddenly vanished from the show. Tanya's extraordinarily warm yet elegant style has been tremendously missed, with hundreds of upset fans questioning and wondering where she disappeared to, to no avail. After months and hundreds of questions flooding social media, it was quietly shared that there had been an "incident" on set disrespecting Tanya in an wholly unprofessional manner, with Woody Fraser, exec. producer, shamefully berating her in front of the entire crew, questioning the quality of her contribution to the show. His unconscionable actions and abusive manner towards employees is widely known throughout the entertainment industry, and is something that a “Family Values" network, and legal governing boards of television should be taking a careful look at, at the very least.

Jeanette Pavini is a financial expert of the most unusual & exceptional sort. The two-time Emmy Award Winner and consumer savings expert has been providing consumers with money saving tips for more than a decade. Jeanette Pavini is a personal finance columnist for MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal Sunday and contributor to the networks live shows. During her 10 years with CBS 5 News, Jeanette worked to investigate consumer injustices, to right wrongs, and provide up to the minute consumer advice to her audience. Jeanette Pavini's consumer savings tips have been featured on The Today Show, ABC Now,, NY Daily News, USA Today and more. Along with her advocacy work, Jeanette's most popular pieces were stories teaching viewers how to get the most value for their dollar, day in and day out. Her work investigating the wireless industry's business practices brought about a first of its kind settlement and restitution for California consumers, administrated by the California Attorney General. Jeanette's years on the Home & Family show have brought her into a widely popular position amongst the faithful viewers. Her elegant down-to-earth style of sharing practical tips in all areas of finance & family planning, college prep, elderly care issues, and many more subject matters, are important issues that are rarely, if ever, presented to a wide television audience, and is a tremendously valuable service to the viewers. When Jeanette shared her personal experiences regarding her father’s elder care situation, it brought her expertise to a whole new level of heartfelt truth for many of us, allowing thousands of viewers experiencing the same things, to feel they aren't alone. We had a trusted friend & advisor in Jeanette, whom we grew to know and love, and look forward to her next brilliant insight. Her warmth and generosity of spirit made it easy to digest and incorporate the hints & tips she shared so freely. Jeanette's glaring disappearance from the show after being touted as a beloved “Family Member” has not been justified to date, nor even addressed in social media whatsoever, to the hundreds of queries by fans.

The most offensive disappearance comes in the form of our beloved “Matriarch” of Home & Family, Cristina Ferrare, who was "removed" without so much as a hug goodbye. The stunning and gracious Cristina Ferrare continues to shine a light of forgiveness, even now, to the network and producers who didn’t have the decency to tell her to her face that she was being replaced. Her husband, Tony Thomopoulos, former exec. producer of the original Home & Family Show (Family Channel), was told by exec. producer, Woody Fraser, that Cristina wasn't being asked back. He didn’t even have the decency or respect to tell Cristina, after working together for decades. It is shameful at the very least. Viewers however, were kept in the dark, and led on a wild goose chase, being told on-air daily that, "Cristina is on vacation…” or “Cristina is catching up on family time…” and other lies, for three straight weeks. Loyal fans who were paying attention could sense something was very wrong, as rumors of Cristina being replaced turned out to be true. Ageism is the brunt of reasoning, as the network strives towards a younger “demographic”, though none will admit it for the legal ramifications. Cristina was blindsided, as were her fans when she was replaced by Debbie Matenopoulous, who was referred to as an “upgrade” by co-host Mark Steines, as he glazed over his previous “whisper" in the same sentence that "Cristina was being replaced".

Loyal viewers' outrage erupted into a social media frenzy that continues to this day, with disgruntled viewers sharing posts on a daily basis, crying for justice for their lost family members, and for justice to the elder demographic who has kept the network alive! Nothing about this situation, or the way in which Hallmark Channel USA has handled it, resembles “Faith-based Family Values” which the viewers have come to expect. Email letters which were carefully composed and sent to Hallmark Executives from concerned viewers, pleading with them to come to their senses as the rumors circulated, were deemed “fake” by the executives and all correspondence was ignored, without so much as an auto-reply. They have shown a flagrant level of disdain for their formerly loyal fans.

Hollywood is notorious for its discriminatory tactics when it comes to women and ageism, and it appears to be the case with Cristina Ferrare. We, the elder generation of loyal viewers are now getting our own taste of the bitter truth firsthand. We are not considered "desirable" viewers or consumers for Hallmark, evidently? Cristina Ferrare’s extraordinarily "seasoned” life has immeasurable gifts to share, that none other can, yet suddenly she is offensive to the point they cannot even mention her name on camera? Her stunning beauty is just the delightful packaging for her loving heart and graciousness that transcends the generations. Any network who realizes this will be able to capitalize on the tremendous following she has amassed. Cristina Ferrare is timeless, and boasts fans from 25-105. Replacing her with a “younger” choice, is not acceptable to the “Bread & Butter” fans who are the foundation of the show and network, and who also consider ourselves worthy no matter what our age.

This debacle has resulted in a mass exodus of viewers from the H&F show and the Hallmark network entirely, including boycotting of the Hallmark retail stores and products. The exemplary family values that Cristina Ferrare exudes are what the viewers want, and we will gladly trade in our tainted Hallmark Gold Crown “pass” to purchase a "new ticket" to wherever she goes and is treated with respect. Though it has been mentioned in arguments by cast/crew that there is not a single “Star” on the Home & Family show, I can tell you with all certainty that Cristina Ferrare's sweet spirit was the HEART of the Home & Family show. She was the one who walked us through the entire show, segment by segment, from beginning to end, asking the questions we were thinking, entertaining us, or explaining a detail she thought we might have missed, creating a “bridge” between the show production and the viewers. Yes, Cristina Ferrare was, and always will be, the HEART of the show, as the vast majority of viewers christened her to be, not the producers, who aren't in the position to decide who the viewers appreciate...I think they forgot that? There is no suitable replacement for Cristina Ferrare. If the network prefers to kick us all to the curb for being “too old", then we will gladly take the cue, and pack up our wads of consumer dollars right along with our television ratings numbers, and leave you to smolder in your own ashes. But who in their right mind thinks its a good idea to alienate hundreds of thousands of people?

The final “betrayal” by Hallmark & the Home & Family show towards loyal fans, came in the form of show producers and/or Hallmark executives, fabricating stories to their employees that an internal “investigation" had traced IP addresses of social media comments to only one particular individual, invalidating hundreds of legitimate viewers who spent time, effort, and concern to write thoughtful letters and social media posts with legitimate concerns. The executives continue to spin a web of deception that is tangling them in their own filthy lies. Hallmark Network USA continues to disenfranchise loyal viewers on a massive scale. This lack of respect is more then most viewers are willing to tolerate. Many have already removed Hallmark Channel from their optional cable packages, and have begun boycotting Hallmark retail products, from cards and gifts to home decor & holiday ornaments. It is tragic that Hallmark Channel has decided that wooing a younger demographic will save their failing network, when in fact, it is the middle-aged and older demographics who make up 90% of the Hallmark Channel viewing audience and certainly most of those who actually purchase products. “Millennials" are busy working and trying to make a life for themselves and their young families, they certainly don't have the luxury of watching the Hallmark Channel all day.

The Hallmark "Family Values" facade has been exposed. The veil of deceit has been lifted. Viewers are no longer willing to be pawns that buy into the manipulation. The glaring LACK OF FAMILY VALUES is clear to see for anyone who takes the time to look. Reasonable evaluation of these circumstances has shattered all respect for the network and its future. It has become evident that our collective “Family Values” voices may only be heard by sponsors and advertisers, who we suggest be looking elsewhere for attentive consumers, as the mass exodus of viable customers are no longer watching the Home & Family Show, or supporting the Hallmark Channel USA network under any circumstances.



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