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Stop Greyhound Racing at Hall Green Stadium

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The greyhound industry is a cruel industry that needs to end. Greyhounds up and down the country at every track are being abused for profit and entertainment.
Every year in Britain around 25,000 greyhounds are bred and registered. Out of this number around 10,000 greyhounds are disposed of every year by the greyhound racing industry because they are not "good enough" to start racing. The dogs that do end up racing are often racing with injuries such as broken bones, torn muscles, arthritis, etc. The average career of a greyhound who races is around 2 and a half years and around 10,000 each year retire because they are injured and/or are no longer deemed good enough any more. Not all of these dogs find a good home after retiring. The British greyhound industry admits to putting around 1,000 of these greyhounds to death but this is only a fraction of the actual death toll. Many dogs are abandoned or killed by shooting, drowning, hanging, poisoning, etc. because some owners and trainers do not want to pay for a vet to put the dogs to sleep. Many greyhounds are shipped to Spain to race or be used in hunting and coursing. Greyhounds that are deemed unfit for these purposes are often killed, often by hanging.

Hall Green have had dogs die at their tracks before

Please join me in telling Hall Green stadium that there is no place in this modern day for a "sport" as cruel as greyhound racing.

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