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Vote YES for Anti-Tethering Laws/Ordinance in Hall County, GA

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Dear Commissioners:

We ask that you vote YES to an Anti Tethering Ordinance in Hall County, GA. for the following reasons. 

1. Tethered dogs have a negative impact on Property Values in your County and has a negative impact on the overall appearance of the properties. 

2. Tethered Dogs pose a very real Hazard for Children and Adults. It is a known fact that they become aggressive if tethered and this has lead to many serious and sometimes fatal dog attacks. Children are the most common Victims of Chained Dog Attacks. In the last 5 years 48% of Georgia Cases involved children bitten by chained dogs. Per CDC of those children KILLED by dogs, almost 30% had wondered too close to a chained dog. 

3. Real Concern for investors in Hall County with rental property. With tethered or chained dogs in the area, this becomes a noise, safety and overall negative issue for potential renters. This will have a negative impact on investors if they cannot rent their properties. Therefore, they will invest their money in neighboring Counties that DO have these ordinances in place. Such as Forsyth and Gwinnett. 

4. Reports from several Animal Control officers in Counties with tethering ordinances  in place, shows their workload was actually reduced.

Of course the HUGE negative impact of CONSTANT tethering/chaining has on the dogs goes without saying! There are so many issues that result from Chaining / Tethering dogs, including strangulation. The research shows numerous issues that result from Chained or Tethered dogs.

The SPIRIT of this Law is to prevent long term, ongoing chaining and tethering of Dogs which would be Enforced by the Residents in the area, rather than placing that burden upon Animal Control. This has been very successful in other Counties that have this law in place including the City of Gainesville, GA 


*** If you have concerns about people being able to afford fencing in their yards, the dogs do not need to stay OUTSIDE and there are groups in Georgia that will build fencing for little to no cost to Unchain the Dogs. There is NO law that says everyone should have a dog! Many should NOT own a dog. It is an expensive proposition. If dog owners cannot afford to fence part of their yards, bring them inside or do not own a dog. Many apartment dwellers find ways to keep their dogs inside with no problems. 

***Concerns about being over run with people turning their dogs into the local Animal Shelter is unfounded. City of Gainesville, GA did not find this to be the case after their law was passed. 

**Concerns about the expense of ENFORCING this law...this can be offset by having fines for non compliance and more importantly the enforcement has largely comes from Local Residents who see chained or tethered dogs and reporting them to the proper authorities. This allows Animal Control to focus on issuing warnings or citations and reduces the need for them to investigate and enforce this ordinance themselves.  

Thank you for taking the time to consider this Ordinance. Your Taxpayers and Constituents Appreciate your Concern in this matter. 

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