Larger Room for African-Nova Scotian Support Worker!

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The African-Nova Scotian Support Worker of Halifax West High School, currently Mr. Calvin Scott has been given an extremely small room in the corner of the library, too small for a couple students to be in the room with him comfortably. For weekly meetings to be held, he constantly searches for free rooms in the school and sometimes unsuccessfully. This unfortunately means that we go many weeks without having meetings which hinders his ability to provide support for Black Students. In addition to the lack of space for meetings, due to a lack of funding many great ideas and proposals are not possible. Lastly, due to the lack of promotion, many black students do not know about Mr.Scott and have graduated, not knowing he was there. We need Administrators to use their power to spread awareness about Mr.Scott and all he has done for the school year after year. Both myself and many other students have seen what Mr. Scott fights for on a daily basis and it is saddening to see that he cannot achieve many simple tasks due his lack of space and funding. Please sign this petition to get the African-Nova Scotian Support Worker a larger, more comfortable space that is conducive to providing the much needed support for black students. 

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