Brookside Jr High School Trip Funds 2020

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The Grade 9's from Brookside Junior High School have looked forward to their end of year school trip to Toronto since entering Junior High. It is a right of passage, a learning experience and a celebration of all their hard work before moving on to High School. This year they are losing their trip due to COVID-19. They are also learning that they may lose the funds that they worked so hard to raise! We believe this is wrong.

There is approximately $150,000 collected from our children's efforts for this trip. Each child has an account at the school under their own name with their total funds raised. Most have approximately $1800. Some funds come directly from friends and family members and other portions are from 50/50 ticket sales sold throughout our community. For 16 plus weeks, these children (and their parents) went door to door selling tickets for their trip. They worked tirelessly to earn this trip. Now they are learning that their $100 downpayment will be returned but the school board will decide what to do with the funds. They are heartbroken and disappointed. We, as parents, believe that these children deserve a say in how their hard earned funds are handled. And we are asking for your support. We would like your signature so that one of the two options can happen:

1) the trip should be rescheduled to the end of the summer or early fall so that our children can experience the results of their hard work.

2) the funds should be invested/held under each child's name for their future education (university/trades/trust fund) 

We understand that this situation is unique and that cancelling the May trip is in the best interests of the children. We do not agree, however, that these funds be taken away from the Grade 9 class of 2020. If you agree and would like to support the Grade 9 students of Brookside Junior High, please sign this petition so that we can have a collective voice to take it to the school board.