Support Restoration of Fleming Cottage, Dingle Park Halifax NS

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Fleming Cottage, built on lots purchased by Sandford Fleming, dating back to the 1870s, has fallen into disrepair. The cottage was the home of the caretaker for Sir Sandford Fleming’s property.

Sir Sandford Fleming, a Scottish-Canadian inventor and engineer was best known as the Father of Standard Time. He donated a large parcel of his property (known today as the Dingle Park) to the City of Halifax “for the enjoyment of all.” 

Fleming Cottage was purchased by the City of Halifax in 1948 and registered as a Municipal Heritage Building in 1985. The purpose of this heritage designation is “to facilitate the ongoing maintenance, preservation, restoration, and the reuse/rehabilitation of heritage properties through financial incentives and the administration of provincial and municipal regulations.” (Halifax Regional Municipality website)  

This has not happened and the cottage is deteriorating. As the owner of this designated heritage building, HRM has an obligation to conserve and manage it in keeping with the spirit of the municipality’s Heritage Property Program, as quoted above. Fleming Cottage is an important historical landmark and must be preserved before it is lost forever. 

In 2016, HRM engaged a local architecture firm to create a restoration plan, which was completed and submitted, but no further action has been taken.



We, the undersigned petitioners, ask Halifax Regional Municipality to make the necessary commitment and investment, in a timely manner, to restore Fleming Cottage at 30 Dingle Rd, Halifax, as proposed in the October 2016 SP Dumaresq Architect Ltd Scope of Work. It recommends the restoration of the cottage, barn and  grounds  as they were in 1908, in recognition of  “Sir Sanford Fleming's incredible contributions to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, the British Empire and indeed the western world. “





Friends of Fleming  Halifax, NS                                                                            John MacManus, Chair