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Haiti Emergency Actions

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Please do as many, or as few, of these Haiti Emergency Actions, as you can; and share them with others   :)


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Haitian Earthquake Has Destroyed the Capital City   :)




Responding to the Tragedy in Haiti   :)

We imagine many of ANSA's friends and supporters are looking for ways to help our neighbors in Haiti after these devastating earthquakes.

We wanted to recommend two highly effective organizations doing important work to ease this crisis:

Operation USA

Partners in Health

Thank you for caring,

Artists for a New South Africa

Artists for a New South Africa
2999 Overland Avenue, Suite 102
Los Angeles, California 90064
United States

phone 310.204.1748 fax 310.204.4277 |
YouTube channel:




Haiti   :)

I was at a conference on Capitol Hill yesterday when I heard the news of Haiti's earthquake. My heart sank as I thought of my aunts, uncles and cousins who still reside in Haiti. Before I learned the extent of the earthquake, I was already in a state of despair. Having an intimate knowledge of Haiti's history, I knew that the lack of infrastructure, disaster preparedness and acute poverty would make a bad situation even worse. However, I was not prepared for the long night of waiting to hear which of my loved ones made it, and which didn't. Along with horrific television images, the morning brought news that my Aunt and Uncle Duchatelier are alive, but their home, and the primary school they built collapsed and all they owned is destroyed. As I wait, pray and hope for the safety of other family members that I have yet to hear from, I am struck with the realization that Haiti's long struggle against poverty is now exacerbated, its needs now magnified, and the vulnerability of the Haitian people more greatly exposed.

As we continue to hear about the devastation that the powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake caused, our thoughts go out to the victims of this disaster and those who are working to help the nation recover.

Disasters like this one are especially devastating when they strike places that are already struggling  to provide the most basic of services for its population. With weak government and private sector institutions, and with uncertain security conditions, Haiti is the poorest, least developed country in the Western Hemisphere, and the majority of Haitians live in poverty. The sheer scale of poverty in the country means that the government has limited capacity to meet even the simplest needs of its people, let alone address a disaster of this magnitude. Haiti's lack of development-which translates into a lack of government capacity for emergency preparedness-magnifies the impact of this tragedy. In addition to creating a very real and immediate humanitarian tragedy, this earthquake and the struggle to navigate its aftermath will be an enormous setback to the hard-won gains that Haiti has achieved in recent years in securing a more stable environment and fighting poverty.

While disaster preparedness and long-term development initiatives may seem to fall at opposite ends of the development spectrum, they are in fact profoundly connected. Disaster preparedness plays a crucial role in the fight against poverty. Without it, gains against poverty are physically erased, and post-disaster countries face insurmountable challenges in getting back on track to meet their development goals. In Haiti, once the immediate disaster is addressed, it will be an uphill battle to return to its former state of development, let alone make further gains.

This situation demonstrates how investments in long-term development, especially in fragile and disaster-prone states like Haiti, could help countries deal with disasters, and also keep them on track to develop.

In spite of this disaster, a great aspect of Haitian history tells us the Haitian people are resilient and determined to better their lives. I am confident that with the help of strong partners around the world, Haiti will rise from its rubble and Haitians will live their motto: L'union fait la force (Unity is strength).

We encourage you to read more and stay engaged on the ONE Blog:

Thank you,

Keren Dongo
Community Engagement Manager, ONE





Support Earthquake Relief for Haiti   :)

IFCO / Pastors for Peace

Dear friend of IFCO/Pastors for Peace,

In response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, IFCO/Pastors for
Peace is supporting Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees (HWHR), Lakou
New York, and Movement of Dominican Haitian Women (MUDHA) in rapidly
delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Haiti.

IFCO encourages people to generously give money and supplies at this
time of grave human crisis. All of the above organizations have a
powerful record of work in Haiti. IFCO is proud to serve as fiscal
sponsor for each of these projects and can attest to their excellent
work. HWHR travels frequently to Haiti, has been involved in training
community health workers in coordination with the Cuban doctors and
ELAM graduates who serve the communities in greatest need. We can be
assured that all donations will directly reach those most affected.

See below for more information about what supplies are needed, and
drop-off location in New York City.

To make a financial contribution to the urgent efforts, please send a
tax-deductible donation to:

IFCO/Haiti Relief
418 West 145th Street, New York NY 10031

You may also make a credit card donation designated for Haiti Relief
by calling IFCO at 212-926-5757


Earthquake Relief for Haiti
Please join our response to the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees, Lakou New York, and MUDHA
(Movement of Dominican
Haitian Women) are organizing an immediate delivery of first aid
relief. MUDHA is traveling to the
Dominican/Haitian border, looking at how to reach affected areas.

- Ace bandages, gauze pads, bandage & tape
- Water purification tablets & Rehydration salts
- antibiotic and antifungal (Mycology) creams
- anti-allergy medication (i.e. Benadryl)
- anti-parasite medication
- Tylenol; children's Tylenol
- cold and cough medicine
- diarrhea medication
- eye drops
- insect repellent
- hydrogen peroxide
- skin disinfectant spray

- Toothpaste and tooth brushes
- soap and deodorant
- sanitary napkins
- brand new under wear - adult (small & med.) and children sizes

- Nutritional bars, fruit & nut bars, cereal bars (NO CANNED FOODS PLEASE)
- Tea Light candles & quality batteries (AA & D)


335 Maple Street, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY (this is not a mailing
address) (718) 735-4660
Please use rear entrance on Lincoln Road between Nostrand and New York
Avenue. Enter through St. Francis Church parking lot

(718) 774-3037 208 Parkside, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11226

If this message has been forwarded to you and you would like to subscribe to the IFCO / Pastors for Peace mailing list, please visit and follow the instructions provided, or send a blank message to




Devastation in Haiti   :)

7.0 Earthquake devastates Haiti

On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, a major magnitude 7.0 quake devastated Haiti, the epi-center 10 miles south-west of the capital city, Port-au-Prince, a city of close to 3,000,000 people.

With the highest levels of poverty and exploitation in the Americas, Haiti has long been one of the most devastated countries in the Americas, beset regularly by political and natural crisis and disasters. After the initial earthquake, 27 aftershocks followed, up to 5.0 on the richter scale.

The General Hospital in Port-au-Prince, the National Palace, the Cathedral and UN buildings collapsed.

We ask that you hold the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers today -- and in the weeks and months to come, as well, as they recover from this devastating blow.

Emergency Fundraising

SOA Watch is joining other Latin America and Caribbean Solidarity and human rights groups in raising funds for food and water, health and shelter relief for those affected by the earthquake and for community re-building efforts. To contribute to the Haiti earthquake relief, click here to donate online,

call us with your credit card information or send a check or money order with "Haiti" in the memo field to SOA Watch, PO Box 4566, Washington, DC 20017
Thank you!


Aid Workers Scramble Amid Haiti's Chaos by Liz Robbins, The New York Times

Raw video: Devastation after the earthquake in Haiti WARNING: Graphic footage

Haiti: Earthquake's Death Toll Rises, Disaster Relief Mobilized by ABC News

Wyclef Jean on CNN (audio)

Many casualties expected after big quake in Haiti by Jonathan M. Katz, Associated Press

Fears of huge death toll as earthquake rocks Haiti
Presidential palace and hospital among buildings reported to have collapsed
by David Usborne, The Independent


Photo of the collapse Haitian national palace

Photo of the Cathedral of Port au Prince




Urgent: Help survivors in Haiti   :)

View this message as a web page.

Help the survivors in Haiti


Your donation is urgently needed to help earthquake survivors as they recover from the devastation and rebuild their lives and communities.

Yesterday a major earthquake devastated Haiti.

The worst reported earthquake in the region in 200 years struck, killing countless numbers of people and wounding many more. According to preliminary reports, 3 million people have been affected by the quake. 

We need your help to respond.

The American Friends Service Committee is seeking financial contributions to help Haitians

recover from the devastation of the earthquake and rebuild their lives and communities. Please make a gift today and aid Haitian earthquake survivors.

As I write, we have been in contact with some partners and are analyzing ways AFSC can work with them to help Haitians recover from this tragedy and help those most in need.  In the quake's aftermath, power and telephone access is difficult right now, but we continue to try to reach our many contacts in Haiti to assess the best way for AFSC to help. 

In Haiti, we will continue our distinct approach to responding to humanitarian crises.  As we did after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, AFSC will  work with partners where our capacity to help is greatest.  While tending to the immediate crisis, AFSC is always committed to strengthening  local capacity to rebuild, recover and heal after times of crisis and devastation.   

I will keep you updated as our work evolves and the situation becomes clearer. 

Right now, we need your help to respond to this emergency.

Our prayers and sympathy go out to all in Haiti and elsewhere who are mourning, anxious, searching for their loved ones.  Please join me in holding them in the Light.

In Peace,

Mary Ellen McNish
American Friends Service Committee

American Friends Service Committee
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Haitian Earthquake Relief   :)

My fundraising page for: American Friends Service Committee   :)





BREAKING: Help Children in Haiti Now   :)

Children in Haiti desperately need help. Please give TODAY so that UNICEF can rush emergency aid to them.


Help save children in Haiti. Every minute counts: donate now.

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF needs to rush emergency relief to the children of Haiti.

The largest earthquake in modern history hit Haiti less than 24 hours ago. UNICEF field staff desperately need the resources to help save the tens of thousands of children injured, thirsty, and separated from their families.

Please give as generously as possible so that UNICEF can rush emergency relief to Haiti - vulnerable children's lives depend on it.

The situation could not be worse: the quake hit just miles from the densely populated capital of Port-au-Prince. Haiti has little to no means to help its population; its economy is severely depressed and social services are practically non-existent after years of political strife.

Children are already bearing the brunt of this major catastrophe. We urgently need your help.

Please help fund UNICEF's emergency efforts: your gift to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF will determine how many young lives can be saved.

I cannot thank you enough for your overwhelming response to our Silent Emergency campaign this past December, but the children of Haiti need your help.

This is why UNICEF exists: to respond as forcefully as possible to this latest disaster, so that tens of thousands of children can survive.

We'll be sure to keep you abreast of UNICEF's efforts as our work unfolds over the next few days, and thank you in advance for your generosity.


Caryl M. Stern
President and CEO
U.S. Fund for UNICEF


P.S. You can be confident that every dollar you give to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF will go farther to save more children. UNICEF has been working in Haiti since 1949, and has the reach and access that's needed to help children in even the most remote locations.

Copyright © 2009 U.S. Fund for UNICEF. 125 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038.
All rights reserved. Privacy Policy




URGENT UPDATE: Haiti situation worsens   :)

Oxfam has over 200 aid workers already on the ground in Haiti, coordinating relief efforts after last night's devastating earthquake. Donations are needed immediately. Please read the email below and donate now >>

Last night's earthquake in Haiti has left the capital city of Port-au-Prince in ruins.

The damage is catastrophic; more than 2 million people have been affected, but the human toll is still unknown. Haiti's president has said the impact on the country is "unimaginable" and estimates that thousands have died.

Donations are urgently needed to rush aid to the area - please give now >>

The initial earthquake struck just before sundown and as many as 28 powerful aftershocks continued throughout the night - the darkness made initial recovery efforts nearly impossible.

Oxfam has four offices in Haiti and over 200 highly-experienced aid workers on the ground. They are already responding to the situation where our assistance is most needed, but we need your help immediately - these first hours are critical for saving lives.

Donate now and help us respond to this emergency.

Today, our emergency response teams are working with partners to assess damage by helicopter - we already know that all water systems in the capital have been destroyed. Emergency supplies, like clean water, temporary shelters, and sanitation equipment are already en route from our base in Panama.

Your donation will go immediately to the most critical needs in Haiti, and we will ensure that every penny is used wisely.

Please make a generous tax-deductible gift right now to help us save lives in Haiti.

Haiti is already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere - a place where 85% of people live in poverty. This disaster has already had an extreme impact, and conditions are expected to worsen, especially in the next 24 hours, even as aid is rushed in. Please be as generous as you are able.

Donate now to Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

Thank you for your part in this global response to this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti today.


Raymond C. Offenheiser
Oxfam America

P.S. For up-to-the-minute reports on our work in Haiti as it develops, stay tuned to

Tell your friends about Oxfam America:

Contact Us:


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