Government of Alberta to not reopen hair salons & barbershops in phase one

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Hairstylists and Barbers are members of the Personal Service Industry, where social distancing is not possible.

they should not be in the first phase of reopening considering we more than likely still have yet to hit our peak and all types of hair services are too close contact and personal to be able to have proper social distancing procedures. 
not to mention the influx of people who will be starting to take public transit again on already modified schedules causing for extra busy trains and busses. 
As well as both clients and stylists being required to wear PPE and change it between every singe client when there are already shortages on PPE and our healthcare workers don’t have enough to begin with. 
Also we will most likely be working modified hours and won’t even be able to make as much as we would have been making before, how are we supposed to live off of reduced hours? Especially when the company will have to spend more on all of the required equipment needed. 
Also it is not essential for anyone to have their hair done at this time when we are t even allowed to go and see people and live our lives as we please right now. 

please take the time to sign this and write your own opinions if you feel the same way. It’s not safe enough for such an up close, intimate service.