Tell Hairstylists in Ontario what we need to become Essential/ Open during COVID-19

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During Covid- 19 Pandemic, we were told that we are not ESSENTIAL workers. However, Registered Massage Therapy, Teeth Whitening and Big Box Retailers are all classified as essential. We as the Hairstyling community need to know how we can be open during this Pandemic Safely. We are certified in Barbicide, we have taken extra courses geared towards COVID-19 safety, we have changed our booking system to allow less clients in the salon. We have implemented mask wearing, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols for every single client who enters our salons. And we are trained in Infection Control and Health and Safety in our Apprenticeship phase. We as Hairstylist are UNITING together to ask our Ontario Government and Doug Ford how we can OPEN safely and effectively to accommodate our clients and get back to work!