HAI: Send advisory to all hotels to end regressive policies across India #EndMoralPolicing

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Feeling of being cheated and humiliated haunts each one of us, unfortunately we became a trap of it once. I'm writing this petition because I know it's a huge group who has faced similar humiliation, which should be stopped immediately. 

We decided to book a room in a hotel as we had reached early and I had to wait till my wife finished her 3 hour long exam and then take her back with me.

But when we reached the hotel, we faced utter humiliation. The receptionist asked us suspiciously if we were married and demanded proof. When we showed him our IDs, he saw that both my wife and I are residents of Delhi and refused to give us a room.

He said that since we were ‘locals’ and the hotel policy does not allow us to stay in the room. He also said that unmarried couples are also not allowed to stay in the same room. We asked him if he could at least just let one of us stay in the room. But he refused.

The hotel manager was extremely rude and refused to give us a refund. The hotel booking app also refused to give us a refund. They pointed out the fine print-

"The hotel reserves the right of admission. Accommodation can be denied to guests posing as a ‘couple’ if suitable proof of identification is not presented at check-in.The hotel reserves the right of admission for local residents."

This is outrageous. We are living in the 21st century and as a country we are trying to bring India amongst the top 20 countries in the world, in terms of services to the public and other useful measures.

There is no law or rule that states that unmarried couples or locals can’t stay in hotels. It is only the regressive policies of these hotels that are to blame here.

And No person/group can your money without using their services. We were denied accomodation, so we did not use their services so called hospitality, on top of that they are not providing a Refund against the same ! 

There should be a policy where if you are denied stay, then one can ask for a full refund. Money should be safe and immediately reimbursed to the customer. This is daadagiri which is going on right now where we can't even get the amount back. Similar cases are coming up each day of denied accomodation and by this many hoteliers and app based booking agents are working together to cheap customers. Customer being shy and weak keeps it to themselves trying to avoid the drama. 

Why isn't there an option in the hotel booking app stating " if you are in any circumstance denied accomodation, you will get a full refund just by tapping this button" 

That’s why I started this petition asking the Hotels Association of India to send an advisory to all the hotels to end such regressive policies and stop this moral policing.

It is not a crime to stay in a hotel room if you are an unmarried couple or if you are a local from the city. But the logic the hotels give is that it is to prevent prostitution. But to have a blanket policy like this makes honest citizens like us feel humiliated.

It's truly said 'Paisa paed pe nai ugta'.  you need to struggle to earn it. And not all have the luxury to stay in a hotel each week, so be strong and fight for your Money! Know your rights and fight for them.

For those who feel shy and hesitant, I have stood up against these false and manipulated policies. 

Sign my petition and ask the Hotels Association of India to end these regressive policies in the hotels.

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