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Support the application for Haggerston Pool to become an 'asset of community value'.

We need at least 21 signatures to register Haggerson Pool as an 'asset of community value' - an important step on the road to saving Haggerston Pool. 

The Community Right to Bid is intended to help community groups to ‘pause’ the sale of buildings or land they care about such as the local pub, shop, library or football ground. When a listed asset comes to be sold, a moratorium on the sale (of up to six months) may be invoked, providing local community groups with a better chance to raise finance, develop a business and to make a bid to buy the asset on the open market. 

The Community Right to Bid allows communities and parish councils to nominate buildings or land for listing by the local authority as an asset of community value. An asset can be listed if its principal use furthers (or has recently furthered) their community’s social well-being or social interests (which include cultural, sporting or recreational interests) and is likely to do so in the future. 


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10 Reasons Haggerston Pool is of community value

1.  Hackney needs the pool back.  The council have identified a strategic need for a 25m pool in the south west of the borough and have worked on a proposal for the re-opening of Haggerston Pool as a new Healthy Living Centre.  As well as bringing back a swimming pool for the community, the centre would offer a unique range of sports and health facilities many serving the Hackney wide population.    

2. Local children need to learn to swim. At the last survey, some Hackney primary schools reported 90% of children were leaving unable to swim. At the time the pool closed 9 local primary schools were using Haggerston Pool to teach children to swim and it is now also in easy walking distance of 2 large secondary schools and a children’s centre.  The pool was used by Laburnum Boat club (in the same street) to teach canoeists to roll canoes, co-ordinator Jim Armstrong said “Lots of kids can't swim - we've noticed that markedly less children can swim since Haggerston Pool closed”.

3. NHS Hydrotherapy Pool for the whole of Hackney - The new Haggerston Pool could provide Hackney’s only NHS hydrotherapy pool – a key facility for physiotherapists working with people with a range of disabilities and mobility problems – like spinal injuries, paralysis following strokes, osteotoporosis and general back pain.  Hydrotherapy is also beneficial to those with autism.  Currently Hackney patients have to travel to Mile End Hospital for this much needed resource.  

4. GP surgery integrated with sport and exercise facilities.  The New Haggerston Pool could provide much needed space for a successful and expanding local GP practice – right in the heart of an area of high health needs.  Being in the pool building, the GP practice would be geared to preventative health care with a full exercise on prescription program.  Sports facilities could include the swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, gym, dance studio and sports hall for volley ball and badminton – as well as sauna and steam room

5. Part of NHS Community Services – the new Haggerston Pool could provide local space for the some of the health facilities delivered in the community (which could include access to antenatal and postnatal care, healthy living information and services, community mental health services, community care, social care and specialist advice all in one place).  With a greatly increased local population, these could enhance the services offered by the GP practice and the hydrotherapy pool. 

6. The pool hall is Grade II listed by English HeritageIt’s part of Hackney’s heritage – English Heritage listed the pool Grade II “at risk”, saying “ The Baths are a unique and important part of Hackney's Heritage”.  In 2013 the Victorian Society rated the pool one of the top 10 endangered buildings, saying “At a time when there is so much new development in the area it is important to capitalise on our existing assets and to put important buildings like Haggerston Baths into public use again”

7. Now is the time for new ideas on how to redevelop Haggerston Pool – the Council’s plan was to knock down the old laundry and contrast modern archicture on one part of the site with the traditional architecture.  This plan was a victim of the recession – but the pool could still be part of the redevelopment of the whole of Haggerston with the huge estate developments and the Bridge Academy – a new healthy living centre would help shape the new community.         In Sept 08 the Bridge Academy opened wth eventually  900 pupils and is 200m from Haggerston Pool along the same street

8. English Heritage estimate it will £1 million for the council to mothball the building. What will happen to the building if it is not re-opened as the new pool and healthy living centre?  The pool hall is currently mothballed for 10 years, but after that its future is in jeopardy.  It is a listed building which makes it difficult to turn into flats or offices, and selling it would be locally unpopular and like to attract adverse publicity for the council, especially in the follow up from the Olympics.  It is not sustainable to keep the building empty and unused, yet the council has a duty of care to a listed building at risk.

9. Area need – the 2010 Indices of Deprivation show Haggerston the 29th most deprived ward out of the 642 in London, with high levels of disability and health need. The surrounding wards (Hoxton, De Beauvoir, Queensbridge, Dalston, Shoreditch) have a similar profile – making this an ideal place for a Healthy Living Centre.  As the areas is changing, with estate redevelopment, and the addition of more private flats – the density will increase – with the new population likely to have high demand for sports facilities (as the popularity of London Fields lido has demonstrated).        Laburnum boat club, in the same street as Haggerston Pool, now has to bus children to Kings Hall to practise rolling in canoes

10. Widespread support - the re-opening of Haggerston Pool has attracted support from all over Britain.  Kate Hoey, while sports adviser to the London Mayor said “How can we bring the Olympics to Hackney if we cannot afford even a swimming pool for the local people?”  When the pool building was open to the public as part of London Open House 700 people came from all over London to look around. Local people have demonstrated time after time the need to have the pool back – with hustings, demos, meetings.   500 people signed up to the campaign at a stall in Broadway market in January 2012, and thousands come along to the annual street party run in support of opening the pool.


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