Hackney Council & TfL - Reconsider CS1 Wordsworth Road Closures

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Hackney Council & TfL have recently implemented experimental road closures in 3 places - (1) where Wordsworth Road meets Matthias Rd, (2) where Cowper Road meets Wordsworth Rd & (3) Pellerin Rd. Wordsworth Road forms part of the CS1 ‘Cycle Superhighway’

The consultation background and report can be found here (contains diagrams, etc): https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/cycling/cs1-wordsworth-road

Hackney & TfL believe the closures will improve the area for cyclists, however, the benefits are minimal, with other problems being created for local residents, schools, churches, doctors surgeries & businesses: longer journey times (for cars & buses), potentially faster cyclist speeds along Wordsworth Rd, dangerous U-turns in narrow roads, safety concerns around quieter streets at night, more pollution on Stoke Newington Road. Traffic will overspill into roads such as Brighton, Walford, Allen & Nevill Road.

Most residents support the promotion of cycling & calming of traffic in the area. However, the plans are were not consulted properly, are poorly structured & can be improved.

If you are not satisfied with these changes please write to the council - EVERY email, letter & petition signature counts. You have a rare opportunity to influence council policy.

Please send an objection email to: info@hackney.gov.uk and consultations@tfl.gov.uk - CC in palatinepeople@gmail.com

Use the subject - ‘CS1 Wordsworth Road Closures’. If you’d like help / a template, contact palatinepeople@gmail.com


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