must refuse planning permission for the Chesham to be converted into flats.

The pub is a crucial social facility for the local community in an area where so many others have closed down and is a vital part of the history of the street and area.

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The Council must refuse planning permission for the Chesham Arms to be converted into flats.

The name ‘Chesham’ signifies the pub’s historical heritage, being linked back to a former Sutton House owner from Buckingham. The Chesham Arms has been open for almost 150 years and is a vital part of the history of the street and area, an area recognised as important in the Conservation Area listing.

The Chesham Arms is a crucial social facility and hub for the local community. A wide range of local people have visited it in the past, such as the teachers from the two local schools, staff from Homerton Hospital, the church choir, bell-ringers and a local orchestra. Its popularity amongst the community is demonstrated in the number of people who want to save the pub.

There are many examples of successfully reopened/restored pubs in Hackney, the Pembury, Kenton Arms, Elderfield, and the Cock Tavern to name a few and demonstrating that the pub is a viable business. In addition the area is fast developing, the Chesham is ideally located for the ‘fashion hub’, already under construction and is located next to the proposed redevelopment and expansion of Marian Court, all of which will provide even more potential customers in the future. Indeed the last tenant wanted to buy the Chesham to keep it as a pub, but his offer was turned down.

The Council must prevent us losing yet another pub by refusing planning permission for its conversion into flats. Too many are pubs being lost, locally we are surrounded by pubs that have closed or been converted to other uses, like betting shops or barbecue houses. Council policy is to defend pubs, saving the Wenlock Arms was right and popular and they should do the same again for the Chesham. The Council’s own policies list the Chesham Arms as a key building in the Conservation Area. It would be a terrible mistake to allow it to be converted to housing.

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