Make Hackney Central London's First Green Station

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As many of you know, Hackney Council and TfL are transforming our beloved Garden of Earthly Delights on Graham Road into a new station entrance for Hackney Central. Whereas we do appreciate the attempt to incorporate a few green elements, we must say all in all we are disappointed with the current proposal.

This is the perfect opportunity and the right time for the Council to address climate change and pollution levels, and to establish a novel and nourishing way to build transport infrastructure.

We expect to see a low-carbon, high-biodiversity design, incorporating both the needs of commuters and the surrounding community to have access to green spaces. We would like to see more use of natural materials like wooden structures and particularly reclaimed materials

We see an opportunity to remove the asphalt and any existing hard surfaces, to include more plants and expand the green space, and to plant trees directly into the ground. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that cultivating plants and connecting to the natural world can be deeply nourishing and stabilizing. However, not everyone has access to outdoor spaces in the same way. Connecting with nature is vital for our mental health, especially in dense urban areas like Hackney Central.

The Council must use this opportunity to prove its commitments to tackle climate change, to increase and improve green spaces, and to promote residents’ physical and mental health.

Given the fact that Hackney Council has declared a Climate Emergency and pledged to “Rebuilding a Better Hackney”, our expectations are high, and we hope to see them translated in the final plan.

Hackney Council website is back live and it is now possible to comment on the actual planning application for the new station! 

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But hurry up.. we only have until 26 November!