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Update:  The legislature will be voting on the elimination of Redevelopment Development Agencies this Thursday, March 10.  Please act now.

Jobs. Homes. Financial Security. Revitalized Communities.

Habitat for Humanity in California has built affordable homes throughout the state. A large majority of these homes have been possible with funds from redevelopment agencies.

The need for community revitalization and family stability has never been greater.  Eliminating redevelopment funding will devastate Habitat for Humanity's ability to create and renovate simple, decent, affordable housing throughout California. 

Financial and housing stability for low-income families is vital for neighborhood recovery.  Revitalized communities have a multiplier effect: attracting businesses, jobs and hardworking families.

Please sign the petition that sends emails to our California elected officials.

Save affordable housing redevelopment funding in California.


Letter to
California State House
California State Senate
California Governor
The governor's proposal to abolish redevelopment agencies would zero-out housing funding for a crucial government function: preventing homelessness among lower-income seniors, working families, and people with disabilities. I am writing to urge you to support the housing advocates' proposal to restart this funding stream in 2012-13.

The proposal would reinstate the vital tax-increment funding stream for housing, using a portion of the former redevelopment tax increment. This approach is a win-win because:

• It allows the state to use $1.7 billion in former redevelopment revenues for the 2011-12 budget, keeping the governor's balanced budget intact.
• It does not affect future budgets. (The governor’s proposal does not rely on former redevelopment revenues to balance the state budget in the out years.)
• It does not require an amendment to Proposition 22.
• Schools, cities, counties, and special districts would still receive significantly more funding than under current law.

In his State of the State address, Governor Brown said this budget must focus on the core functions of government. California - Habitat for Humanity urges you to stand up for the idea that preventing homelessness among California's low-income working families, people with disabilities, and seniors is a core function of government.

Please support inclusion of the pending housing advocates' proposal in the redevelopment budget trailer bill.

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