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Relocation For The Homeowners Of Fairway Oaks

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In 1999 the City of Jacksonville sold Habijax 5 acres of land for $1.00 In the year of 2000 Habijax build 100 homes in 17days with over 10,000 voluteers from all over the country. The President Jimmy Carter was even there. In 2005 homes began to sank, one home had sunk so bad Habijax had to spend thousands of dollars to jack it up. When jacking up the home contractors discovered 15ft to 18ft of garbage underneath the home. It was later discoverd the land Habijax brought for $1.00 yes one dollar, four quarters, 10 dimes, the land was an old city dump. Now what's crazy is in 1999 the Jacksonville Housing Authority demolished the Apartment complex Golf Brook Terrance Apartment because of settlement issues and in one report it stated the apartments were contaminated. Since living on the land homeowners have many health concerns and also many kids that are at risk facing health issues. In one report it also stated they should not build any more apartment units on this land. Homeowners have been dealing with this issue for over 10yrs while having to continue to pay their mortages on homes that are worthless and the homes are only getting worse. I encourage everyone to follow our story on Just search Fairway Oaks. It is time for Habijax and the City to do something and do it real soon.

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