Save Birmingham Wheels Sports Stadium

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Birmingham Wheels Park is a vital sporting stadium – providing opportunities for a broad section of society to participate in both motorsports and other sporting activities.

It employs 200 full and part time people, and is home to world championship events, charities, sports clubs and sector-leading small businesses

We the undersigned call on H.M. Government to:

1. Recognise the importance of Birmingham Wheels Park to the sports of Speed Skating, Short Oval Stockcar Racing, Go-karting (outdoor), Drifting and Off-road Buggy Racing; acknowledging the park  meets proven and continuing need and demand for local, regional and nationally significant participative motorsport and wheeled activities as well as providing an important venue for regular spectator events attracting large crowds.

2. Recognise the Park is intensively used and makes adventure activities and experiences accessible and affordable to ordinary people and is particularly attractive to younger people including those from disadvantaged communities.  It is recognised that Birmingham Wheels Park provides easy access for the grassroots of wheeled sport providing the starting point for progress to National and International representation. 

3. Recognise that the provision for motorsports is a key component supporting economic activity in the automotive industry reflecting the skills and heritage of Birmingham in this sector.

4. Assure users of Birmingham Wheels Park that Birmingham City Council will not seek to undermine the democratic process through a conflict of interest as land owner thus ignoring the requirements of Birmingham's own statutory development plan counter to the recommendations of two independently appointed Government Inspectors.

5. Place an immediate moratorium on proposals to close the site and evict users to enable ALL of the activities to continue so their commitments to the 2020 racing season can be met and consult and negotiate in a meaningful way to ensure the activities continue uninterrupted either at Birmingham Wheels Park or on a satisfactory alternative site or sites. It is important to appreciate there are no known alternative current venues in Birmingham or elsewhere in the West Midlands to which the activities can relocate.

6. Furthermore, until such time that the sports activities have been satisfactorily accommodated (on-site, or elsewhere) to seek assurances that the allocation and/or spending of public funding to facilitate the demolition of Birmingham Wheels Park will not be permitted until satisfactory alternatives are in-place. 

7. To recognise the closure decision at Birmingham Wheels Park would fly in the face of the legacy commitment by both Government and Birmingham City Council, that by hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2022 this will encourage sports participation in the City, and also help meet the challenges the City faces with childhood obesity, youth crime and social cohesion. This is because Birmingham Wheels Park already provides active participation in sport by many thousands of people annually.