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Free my sister & nephew. They're trapped in China by inhumane travel bans. 请还这对马来西亚母子自由。

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Set my sister & nephew free. They are trapped in China by inhumane travel bans



Current state

My sister, Cheng Chau Yang, and her 8-year old son, have been trapped in China for close to 2 years now. They are BOTH Malaysians.  

They have not broken any laws.




Lack of transparency

They have not been given any formal documentation on details of the bans, nor was the Malaysian Embassy notified about the bans.




My sister and son have been the victims of parental child-abduction

Previously, my sister’s former husband (“X”) and his family had abducted the child twice (the second abduction lasted 820 days), and attempted a violent abduction just outside the court’s premises on 15th January, 2016, in flagrant disobedience of the custody order. The third (attempted) abduction took place after X attended a court-supervised visitation of my nephew.

Despite these behaviors, X has successfully imposed the travel bans on my sister and nephew.

During the 8 months when X ignored the court order to hand over the child, the court repeatedly told my sister that they could not do much to uphold my sister’s custodial rights, and asked her to put in more effort herself. 





They can be trapped in China for the next 10 years

The court has verbally told my sister that X has the right to renew these bans till the son turns 18, so as to ensure his weekly access right. However, X has refused to see the child despite my sister’s repeated invitation and numerous proposals.




Impact of these travel bans

My sister and nephew’s basic right to freedom of movement have been deprived.

They can’t come home to visit our ailing 94-year old grandma and relatives, they can’t visit us during Chinese New Year and other major festivals, my sister’s livelihood is affected as she cannot attend meetings outside of China, and my nephew is deprived of the opportunities to attend study or holiday trips. This is inhumane!




These bans contravene UN International Conventions

The travel bans that prevent these two foreigners from leaving China are a mistake. They have to be, as they contravene multiple UN International Conventions that China is a signatory of, chief among them Article 10 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Article 15 on the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).


这些禁止两个没有犯法的外国人离开中国的禁令是一个错误。它们已违反中国签署的多项联合国国际公约,其中包括了“儿童权利公约”(CRC)第10条,“消除对妇女歧视公约”第15条( CEDAW)。


Will you help us?

I am a distraught sister of Chau Yang.

We have exhausted all channels of appeal in China, but have received no formal reply.

Will you help to set my sister and nephew free in China? Every signature and share will bring them closer to freedom.






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Our family has made a movie about Chau Yang's long eventful journey.  


"Mama on a Mission" 《我妈妈有个使命》.

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