Save Our No-Kill Shelter

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Gympie's local no-kill shelter, the only alternate dog and cat shelter in the region, is being threatened with a fine of up to $30,000 by council due to noise complaints made by citizens living in surrounding streets, despite the kennels having existed on this site for over 40 years.  

No one from the council or any other department has done a noise reading on premisis, yet they have stated that if the kennels do not reach 'No Noise' by April 2014, they will be fined, despite a request for any kind of extension! 

The owners of the shelter have stated that they acknowledge that there is noise coming from the dogs occassionally throughout the day - however this noise will generally only last for a short period during breakfast and dinner times. 

The shelter is built with the same materials as most other shelters - there are open runs for the dogs which are fenced with wire, as well as besser block enclosures, through which the dogs are rotated throughout the day, as well as being alternated to have some outdoor 'free time' to help burn extra energy. To entirely sound proof the shelter the council is expecting complete indoor enclosure of the dogs, with artificial lighting and no outdoor play. This just won't do for the furbabies' well being.. Not to mention it would cost tens of thousands of dollars, which can just not be gathered in this small amount of time. 

This shelter should be valued as an exemplary highlight of our community. 
The work is entirely done by volunteers and the shelter only continues with the generous support of the community and donations and discounts of compassionate vets and trainers. These are good people doing the right thing, and yet they are being treat as a nuisance and threatened as though they are committing criminal acts. 

Money is always an issue for shelters such as these, and this situation is entirely unfair. We need your support to buy us more time to raise funds and figure out a comprimise! We are trying our best, but we need the best outcome for our current and future furbabies, who without us, would likely not last to see new homes.

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