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Enforce your own Local Laws and shut down Sandown Puppy Farm

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For the past 16 years a reprehrensible Puppy Farm breeding what they claim are purebred Alaskan Malamutes has been operating in Gympie with the full support of Mayor Ron Dyne and the Gympie Regional Council.

Over 1,000 dogs have been bred at this puppy mill. Due to his poor breeding practices and years of inbreeding a significant proportion of these dogs develop serious health issues such as Epilepsy, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Chronic Kidney Disease, Heart Conditions, Chronic skin and ear conditions, cataracts and blindness, deafness and behavioural problems, to name some of the more commonly occurring ones.

Recent DNA testing has shown that some of the dogs he is selling as "purebred" are actually crossbreeds.

Countless unsuspecting victims have been left with massive vet bills and the trauma and heartache of having to watch a beloved member of their family die far too young. 

An alarming number of Alaskan Malamutes surrendered to rescue in Queensland come either directly from Sandown or from breeding pairs he has sold or leased.

The dogs at Sandown are kept in disgraceful condtions. They are not fed properly (the owner of Sandown just dumps food out for them and expects them to fight over it). They are never played with or exercised. The puppies are removed from their mothers as young as 3 or 4 weeks of age. There is no shade for them. They are exposed to the elements all year around.

There are currently more dogs than he is legally allowed to keep at his property. Gympie Regional Council is well aware of this but has refused to take any action to enforce their own local laws.

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