Keep Our Option for In-Person Learning in Gwinnett County

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In light of the recent events surrounding the COVID 19 Pandemic, our great school district is coming under fire for their decision to give the option of both in-person and digital learning to Gwinnett families. 

There is much push to take that option away, and we are here to voice our support of maintaining the decisions made by the board. We acknowledge the health concerns, and trust our school board and ourselves as parents to make the right decisions specific to our families.

We maintain that there are far too many children that will be negatively and permanently affected if they do not get the services they need. We agree that total health of the child long term is our primary concerns and that COVID19 should not overshadow the long term implications. 

We value choice, and also value our teachers. However in education, our children do come first. That is the basis of education. As do the rest of our families face tough decisions, teachers too must make the best decision for their family.  Many parents are wanting all digital so they have a "bargaining chip" with their jobs, and that should not be priority over kids who need in person instruction.

We do not want schools closed.