Grant Accelerated Capital Firm it's License to operate in Guyana

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Many people Poor, middle class, wealthy, have all invested in Accelerated Capital Firm INC. a legitimate registered company that is licensed by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) to speculate and trade on the online stock market platform. Which seems to be new to many in Guyana. some people invested simply to provide basic necessities for their families, and others for improvement of their standard of living or to become a more financially stable person etc. During this pandemic especially, thousands have lived and fed their families from the profits/returns that they would have received from ACF (Mr. Yuri). I ask that you sign this petition so that every honest person/family regardless of their Gender, social status, ethnicity, or political affiliations can benifit and more so Guyana will definitely be a better place as everyone will build better homes, contribute for social and Governmental projects. and acquire the things that many never could have dreamed of having. I believe when everyone have access to enough funds there will be less crimes as all will be financially stable. Accelerated Capital Firm INC can help all of us.