Support the Fair and Timely Parole Act (Bill #s: S497A & A4346A)

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For far too long, the Parole Board has arbitrarily denied parole to incarcerated men and women who have completed all required programs, have excelled in academics, participated in positive extracurricular activities, and have done decade(s) of time in prison.

The Parole Board's reasoning for denying parole ranges anywhere from "the seriousness of the nature of the crime" to an unfounded "belief" that the incarcerated person isn't ready to be released. However, if that person has completed all their required programs and has a good disciplinary record, posing no threat to society, further incarceration is only punitive and damaging.

Furthermore, continually hitting someone at the Board for events that transpired long ago only demonstrates that NY State does not believe in redemption or "correction", but in perpetuating Mass Incarceration. Prisoners cannot change the past, but they can redeem their past by meritorious acts in the present time.

The Fair and Timely Parole Act would mandate the Parole Board to release any incarcerated person who is eligible for release on parole, unless that person presents a current risk that cannot be reduced by parole supervision in New York State.

This bill will not only end the unfair policy of denying parole to otherwise eligible incarcerated individuals, but it will provide a big step toward Governor Cuomo's commitment to end Mass Incarceration in New York State.

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