#Gurugram The Most #Polluted City on #Earth. 6 out of 20 in #NCR #India. We Want #CleanAir

#Gurugram The Most #Polluted City on #Earth. 6 out of 20 in #NCR #India. We Want #CleanAir

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We all have been fighting for CLEAN AIR since 3 Years. Chief Minister of  Haryana Sh. M. L. Khattar, Ministers including Sh. Nitin Gadkari and Sh. Vipul Goyal have given words a number of times. Hon'ble Higher Courts and National Green Tribunal are vigilant of the issue and consistently issuing Directions. But, No Implementation No Effect. People are dying due to Strokes, Heart Diseases, Lung Cancer and Asthma. The PM(2.5) Level remains around 200 since 2016 which is well above the Dangerous Mark. The poison in the Air has reached the maximum measurable limit of 999.9, where People can Die due to Breathing. 

The Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) as well as the Central  Pollution Control Board (CPCB) recognized the Problem in 2016 and recommended ways to tackle this to the Government. But Government's huge delay in implementation is making the situation worse and taking the Lives to hell.

As recommended by PCB's, Diesel Auto-Rickshaws and Diesel Public Transport hugely contributes to Air Pollution in Metro Areas. Banning these alone may reduce the Pollution/PM(2.5) Level to half. It was seen in Gurugram last year when large number of Diesel Autos were impounded by Gurugram Police and the Air Quality improved drastically within in 2 Days. Also, Delhi banned Diesel Auto-Rickshaws and Buses Long ago, and thus has saved itself for so long. Same step is long due in neighboring cities as well, especially when there is sufficient availability of CNG in the area now. Besides, no waste burning, no dust on roads, no construction without covering sheets and all of us giving our best contribution would save the Heart of India.

Thus it is requested to the Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change and the Chief Minister, Haryana to immediately put a blanket ban on Diesel Auto Rickshaw & Diesel Public Transport and other Old vehicles and strictly implement the Recommendations made by the Boards and Orders of NGT.