Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University FINAL YEAR EXAMS TO BE CONDUCTED ONLINE.

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To Honourable,

Manish Sisodia ,Arvind Kejriwal, UGC , IPU and other concerned authorities.

We all , the students of IP university plead and beg you to conduct our final examinations online . Offline examinations are an inevitable threat to our health and mental well being . Additionally , offline examinations are simply not feasible for many many students outside the state . Apparently, the rising covid-19 positive cases in Delhi were not considered while making such a decision . It will adversely affect life of thousands of students and not only the students but also people associated with them ; it will have a huge negative impact on the people of Delhi , mentally and physically .

Travelling is extremely risky ,if someone gets infected they wont be getting detected immediately because symptoms takes a lot of time to show up ,hence they would act as a carrier within few mins of getting infected. Asymptomatic cases are extremely dangerous .
It’s completely absurd risking the lives of so many people just for the sake of some mere exams which are certainly being treated prior than the lives of human beings. Additionally , these examinations can be successfully held online . Naming some big examples : Delhi University , Amity University , Manipal University and many other. And not only Indian Institutes but Universities in developed countries as well .
Which direction are we going towards !?  And the university itself stated that if the situation does not improves by July it will go for online mode.