Support Administration Action at MG Road to Restore Mall Mile glory to MG Road

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Recently we have seen bold steps taken by Gurugram Administration against the Menace of prostitution and drugs on MG Road, Gurugram. We welcome these measures as it will reclaim our city and ensure safety of our women and children. As the city grew in the last 10 years we have witnessed mushrooming of Pubs, Bars  where soliciting was a common practice.They were promoting Flesh Trade and Under-Age Drinking also. The Glorious Mall Mile, MG Road had been reduced to a dangerous pick-up spot for prostitutes under the umbrella of these bars. Often we had seen clashes between drunk men and women/ their handlers on the roads at night. Our women and children felt un-Safe visiting the Malls on MG Road. We request the administration not to issue licences to these shady clubs/bar which are breeding ground of prostitution. The Licesnces of clubs and bars on MG Road should be withdrawn and they should be shut. The Club owners are now required to keep proper records and have been made accountable for any illegal activity in their clubs, which will ensure complete stoppage of illegal solicitation. Families can now visit MG Road in the evening without the stress of being harrassed, Haryana and Gurugram will get its place of pride back in the form of Mall Mile. The revenue of the state will also go up as more families will come to eat, shop and go for movies.  By signing this petition we request all citizens to strengthen Law and Order situation in Gurugram. This will change the image of MG Road and restore the city's lifeline to Citizens.