Abolish the Taboos of Menstruation!

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'Menstrual blood is the only one that is not drawn from violence, Yet, it is the one that disgusts you the most.'

Menstruation is one of the many social issues that is not spoken about openly. However, being a girl, it is closest to my heart. Even in progressive times like today, it is still associated with mindless superstitions that hold no real meaning. Some beliefs that were practised during olden times still continue to be followed. Women and girls are barred from entering kitchens or places of worship and not allowed to mix with others members of their house hold. Why, because they are considered to be impure. Talking about menstruation is perceived as being indecent and is spoken about in whispers. Why?

From a very young age, girls are exposed to these taboos and that leads to loss of confidence and an inferiority complex. On the other hand, boys start to develop a superiority complex. Over time, this leads to inequality. These inequalities are prevalent not only in terms of social standing but also in the professional arena with respect to job opportunities and compensation. Girls become reluctant to openly express their opinions and thoughts. They begin to believe in the men are superior which leads to a perpetual cycle of imbalance in society.

God made men and women equal. Both sexes go through puberty. Then why is it that women are discriminated against just because they bleed. I firmly believe that there is god in every one of us. Then how could menstruation make women impure? It is what gives life and helps to pro- create. We should be able to make our own decisions and not be singled out because we are women. It is high time that the taboos of menstruation are abolished.