Confirmed victory
Petitioning The Journal News, and 1 other

Gun permit holders want The Journal News/ to remove all our names, addresses & maps published on their website!


By publishing all this data and making it available for anyone and everyone, they have put the citizens and Law Enforcement Personnel who live in Rockland and Westchester Counties at great risk. Correctional Officers (and subsequently their families) are being threatened by inmates - inmates are letting the Officers know that they know where the live. There are more than 8,000 active and retired COs living in Rockland County alone. And if you are not aware... bad guys hold grudges. This is just ONE example of how Law Enforcement are affected by this irresponsibility on The Journal News and Lohud.

As for putting citizens at risk ... not only does this give the names/addresses of legal permit holders, but it also shows where a home is not armed ... making it easier for the criminals to target a home. And what about those past victims who worked so hard to hide from past abusers/attackers? Many people, after being the victim of a violent crime, make a choice to arm themselves. But now, because their information may be on this map, their assailants can easily track them down again.

We are also asking they drop their request issued for legal gun permit holders in Putnam County

Letter to
The Journal News,
New York Governor
I am requesting the removal of all personal data and maps that show legal gun permit holders that was published by The Journal News/

The personal information you have so irresponsibly made public, has put thousands of lives in danger, including the lives of Law Enforcement Officers, their families, and citizens.

Please do the responsible thing and listen to the People as we ask you to remove all the data, including names, addresses and maps. I am also asking you cancel your request for any additional requests for other counties.