Pressure Gumtree Not To Advertise Pets Under The Freebies Category

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Currently when browsing under the "Freebies" section at pets are shown in the results.

I have no problem with pets being given away free to a good home but they should not be categorised under the free banner. This encourages spur of the moment, impromptu decisions, something definitely not desirable for any pet that obviously needs a life time commitment.

Pets should only be allowed to be advertised under the appropriate pet category at any price, free if needed but not as "Free". Being free should not be the first choice when considering a pet. Find your pet under the appropriate category and if it's free then that's a bonus.

Pets are NOT products and being free should be the last concern of any serious buyer. Only a non serious buyer would purchase a pet when he/she was just browsing for free stuff.

I feel that Gumtree allowing this is the same as allowing non suspecting mall patrons seeing a cute puppy in the pet shop window and buying it without careful consideration. It shouldn't be allowed.

I know this is only a small issue in animal welfare but it's only a small change that could make a big difference. Our attitudes need to change about pet ownership and Gumtree are not helping by effectively endorsing impulse pet buying.

I have approached Gumtree about my concerns but they refuse to change their search algorithms to exclude pets from their Freebies section.