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Get Gumtree to change their rules for AAPDB Breeders advertising pets for sale

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Gumtree allows a person who is registered with lobby group, Australian Association Of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB) to advertise their puppies for sale for over price of $500 and they can select "Breeder" as the advertiser, this makes it nearly impossible for the average person to be able to tell if the seller is in fact a Registered Breeder or Backyard Breeder/Puppy Farmer.  Anyone can become a member of AAPDB and start breeding and selling dogs/puppies that they breed including cross breeds.  Some of these people registered with AAPDB are selling their dogs/puppies for prices in excess of $1,500 and upwards.  These people usually do not have any education with the breed that they are involved and the parents are usually not health screened from hereditary issues within the breed.  When dogs are being cross breeds then issues from multiple breeds could be introduced and then there being more issues with the offspring.

Despite its title, this association represents no registered breeders at all, but rather is a lobby group for the puppy factories.

There should be an option that is "Registered Breeder (registered with a Canine Control Body covered by ANKC)" and only they should be able to advertise over the price of $500.  Registered Breeders have very strict rules set in place by their state governing body and dogs are health screened before being bred from and all dogs are pedigree or pure bred.  Registered Breeders are not allowed to sell their puppies through pet shops and cross breeding is not allowed, age limits apply to dogs being bred from and how often that they can be bred from, the breeder is usually educated to hereditary issues in the breed that they involved with, if breeding with a dog with a hereditary fault this could be passed onto the offspring.

Gumtree needs to amend their rules so that only Registered Breeders can sell puppies or dogs for over the price $500 and need to be able to easily identifiable by the general public.  It should also clearly marked on the advertisement if microchip is to be provided with the sale of the animal as per laws in Australia.  We need to put a stop to what has been going to stop to what is going on and try to stop puppy buyers from being ripped off.

AAPDB is a huge concern and is a lobby group that Puppy Farmers/Puppy Factories are being masked by, please see the following links providing in depth details about AAPDB:,8034

Founder of AAPDB Dr Kate Schoeffel condition of her own dogs are kept in

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