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End the Selling/Buying/Trading/Disposal of Animals on

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Very recently, a story came out of Tasmania about a dog, Lily and her 3.5 week old puppies who had been left in the care of their owners 'friend'. This 'friend' has used the Gumtree platform to sell these puppies for $50 each within the space of 24 hours. Aside from the fact that 6 x 3.5 week old puppies have been snatched from their lactating mother (who is no doubt in pain from excess milk storage and the grief of losing her babies), these puppies now face a very uncertain and painful future or even death... and all at the price of $50 a head. 

There are obviously several troubling aspects to this:

1. enabled the sale of these puppies to occur, despite them being 3.5 weeks of age and too young to survive independently without adequate care.

2. is unable to demonstrate any degree of duty of care to the welfare of live animals and are therefore not in any position to promote the buying, selling, trading and/or disposal of said animals.

3. This transaction highlights's inability to stop or deter the sale of 'stolen' 'property'.

4. This transaction highlights's inability to provide a guarantee to the purchasers of the 'stolen' 'property'.

This is behaviour that allows its users to engage in on a daily basis... Keep in mind, I haven't addressed the copious numbers of animals that are listed on their website who are a result of puppy/kitten farms, animal cruelty, and neglect and if not, have the potential to face that same future. 

Animals deserve better and I should hope a modern, educated society such as ours would want more and demand more from an organisation such as While it's a great way to make a quick dollar from an old couch or fridge, should not allow people the opportunity and/or provide them with the resources to buy, sell, trade and/or dispose of live animals.

You can read more about Lily's plight here:

or visit Brightside Farm Sanctuary, who are doing everything in their power to bring Lily's puppies home!

*I am one person (not associated with Lily or her carers), and I may not have much of an impact, but we are stronger together and we have the ability to make rethink their current business model and to simply remove people's ability to exchange animals over their platform. 


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