Ban “FREE” Animals on Gumtree

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It is understandable that some people end up in situations where they no longer have the means to support their animals. However, posting advertisements for “Free” on Gumtree is not a way to re-home your pet.

Many underground dog fighting rings scour these sites for free animals to either use as fighting dogs or live bait. These animals endure horrific trauma. There are also cases where animals have been handed over to “good homes” and have turned out to be anything but. A young dog named “Bow” was given “FREE to a good home”. A few weeks later, his body was discovered bound and bloodied. Stabbed to death.

There was another case recently where a woman in Forster, NSW, was found guilty of torturing and mutilating defenceless animals. She had “acquired” most of the innocent animals off of “FREE” advertisements on Gumtree. 

There are many ways to re home your beloved pets. Adding a substantial price tag does help ward of offenders, however, surrendering your animal to your local rescue group is the best option. Rescue groups will do a background check and supply an adoption fee with all animals. Some rescue groups even offer to keep your animal at home with you whilst they search for their new forever home. 

PLEASE help us put an end to this horrific abuse and end “FREE” animals on Gumtree.