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Petitioning animal wefare Gumtree + all papers that advertise 'FREE DOGS + CATS TO GOOD HOME'S'

Gumtree + all papers that put dogs + cats 'Free to a good Home': stop advertising free animals

so many people are using these ads to get dogs + cats to use for bait for their fighting dogs, come over as so wanting to give the animal a loving home, but sick + evil intentions once they have their filthy hands on them....They will always find a way to get what they want, but why make it so easy for them...just look on my Time Line, see the 2 women going to any lengths to get bait for their husbands/ Parteners fighting dogs,even their car reg. in full surely they can be traced by this, working in the East of England, Norfolk/Cambs. etc, read also the DOG FIGHTERS piece, that was printed in a book....

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animal wefare Gumtree + all papers that advertise 'FREE DOGS + CATS TO GOOD HOME'S'
Gumtree + all papers + mags. that take free ads,PLEASE,stop advertising free animals, so many sick evil people now scouring these type of papers + magazines + going to animal rescues, to obtain as they tell people, a dog (or cat)to give it a loving forever home, NO NO NO...they want these animals to train their fighting dogs....see my Time Line Page for 2 women who are at this very time, trying to get animals for using for bait, they will go to any lengths to get an animal, very plausible people, with only evil on their sick have the animal ripped to bits by the fighting dogs....much money rides on these fights + while we will never stop it, we can maybe make it harder for them to get the dogs + cats they need for ALL PAPER/MAGS,PLEASE stop taking ads for free animals...

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